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From: abarto
Subject: OfW + ATLAS
Date: Fri, 04 Oct 2002 08:40:27 -0300

A lot of people asked for an atlas optimized version of ofw. One of the 
first versions of ofw had the atlas package but although it worked fine 
(and fast) on any Intel x86 I had a lot of problems on AMD and Cyrix 
procs (hangs, unusual results, etc.) That's why I removed atlas.

During the weekend I'll be making an atlas optimized version of ofw (as 
a separate version). I'll try to detect the cpu from the installer (I think I 
can) or I'll include a proper warning for the non-Intel users.

It'll take some time to complete 'cause I accidentaly thrashed the 
Windows partition when installing mandrake 9.0 and redhat 8.0 :)

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