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OfW Update

From: Agustin Barto
Subject: OfW Update
Date: Thu, 3 Oct 2002 14:09:51 -0300
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I just updated OfW (version 2002100200). The new stuff:

1) The installer gives you the option to avoid the creation of startmenu 
and desktop icons (I hate desktop icons :)
2) An entry to the add/remove programs on the control panel.

Download it from:

Right now it might be too slow, but try again at night gmt-3. There's a proxy 
in between so check your downloading the right version (octave-2.1.36-

Given that other people is working on an ofw for cygwin use, I'll concentrate 
on this "cygwin-less" version. If you have suggestion or a feature that might 
be cool to add, please let me know.

Some people said that it might be better to include an html version of the 
manual (to be able to use cut-n-paste to octave). I think it's pretty 
reasonable I'll include that in the next version and I'll remove the pdf 


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