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Problems with NaN

From: Cederik De León Acuña
Subject: Problems with NaN
Date: Tue, 24 Sep 2002 19:44:05 -0500
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Hi all:
        Long time just learning from you, but now i have a question:
I have 2 computers both with:
        Octave 2.1.36 CVS
        Linux DEBIAN 3.0 RC 0
Runing identical process with Octave, in the first one no problem, but in the 
other computer all the 'Y column' data file -to be ploted- have NaN...

What's the problem here? 

That kind of troubles can be explained in terms of hardware? 
in the computer with no problem: AMD Athlon(tm) Processor 850Mhz 128MBRAM
In the trouble-computer: Celeron (Coppermine) 700Mhz 64MB RAM

Best regards from México

Cederik L. De León Acuña.
Linux OpenSource(mr)
Rayón No. 523 Centro
CP 58000
Morelia, Michoacán 
email: address@hidden

Tel(s): +52 (443) 312-8724
            (443) 317-3945

LADA sin Costo: 01 800 00 LINUX
                01 800 00 54689

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