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Re: Reading files is slow

From: Tom Kornack
Subject: Re: Reading files is slow
Date: Wed, 18 Sep 2002 14:16:32 -0400


1. Indeed, I should clarify that I'm reading a text, tab-delimited file. Is there an easy way (is there a common tool) to convert this file into a binary file?

2. load seems to be finicky about carriage returns and line feeds. I work in an extremely heterogeneous computing environment. What is octave's requirement and is there a convenient tool to convert text files to have the appropriate line ending sequence?

3. Please excuse my skull thickness, but can you clarify this process of putting text data into a buffer by treating it as binary? I'm afraid I need some examples. And why wouldn't this be implemented in a decent text-data reading algorithm?

4. I can't find the procedure wavread. Is this shorthand or a procedure?


On Wednesday, Sep 18, 2002, at 14:13 America/New_York, Ramil G. Sagum wrote:

don't read text data as text. treat the file as binary and put it into a buffer. classifying a file as 'text' adds some processing. (wavread-ing a
10Meg wave file, for example, takes only a few seconds.)
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