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OfW: cygwin1.dll modification

From: abarto
Subject: OfW: cygwin1.dll modification
Date: Mon, 16 Sep 2002 20:54:20 -0300

Having told so many people to RTFM, I should have done that. I read the FM 
and figured out how to compile the modified version of cygwin1.dll. The new dll 
reads its configuration from "GNU Octave" instead of "Cygnus Solutions" (I 
was going to choose "GNU/Octave" but I didn't want to break other versions of 

This makes the package completely stand-alone. I'll add a fresh from cvs 
version of gnuplot and make an alternate atlas optimized version for p3 of the 

There are some issues remaining:

1) Should I keep the pdf manual? I'll remove the spanish matlab 4.2 tutorial 
from the public package but I thought the manual could be useful.
2) I'll start to strip down each package (i.e. delete files) to make the 
3) I'll make a patch for the cygwin1.dll source as soon as I learn how to do 
that :)
4) Test the package on different platforms.


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