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More on OfW <-> Cygwin Conflict

From: Agustin Barto
Subject: More on OfW <-> Cygwin Conflict
Date: Wed, 11 Sep 2002 20:14:56 -0300

I had some feedback on the new version on the package, and apparently it 
detects the previous version of cygwin (or anything based on it) and can 
abort the installation at the user's request.

If anyone has a cygwin installation that the package doesn't detect, please 
send me all of the "Cygnus Solutions" parts of the registry so I can identify 
a common variable to look for.

I tried to modify the cygwin dll but it won't compile on my cygwin. So until 
someone releases a new OfW that can manage this problem, the warning dialog 
box is the best I can do for now.

Please, send me an email if my package can't detect your previous 
installation of cygwin (you can try safely because the installer doesn't 
touch the registry until you accept the license and choose the dest 

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