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Re: Re: Cygwin setup - warning

From: abarto
Subject: Re: Re: Cygwin setup - warning
Date: Wed, 11 Sep 2002 13:02:26 -0300

Well, I just fixed the problem :) I added a check of a reg dword on the .OnInit 
function of the nsis installer. If the dword is set, a dialog box gives the 
to cancel (or continue) the installation.

I'm updating the package now (It'll take at least 20min).

The url for the package is:

The url for the nsis script is:

When I was thinking for a permanent solution for the problem I thought that 
be cool if the cygwin dll could be configured (or recompiled) to use a custom 
root for the registry values. Is this possible?

One more thing, Someone should check the installer for spelling or grammar 
errors. My english is very not well :)

On 11 Sep 2002 at 17:35, Philip Nienhuis wrote:

> Olá, Agustin:
> Don't worry too much for the moment, I understand deadlines. (I hate
> them.)
> Nevertheless, I really think a check like suggested should be
> incorporated in the near future.
> Problem is that unwary, unproficient users are all too easily seduced
> into thinking that such a wonderful complete binary package will solve
> all their problems and avoid any new ones. We programmers simply fail to
> understand how very... say, "uncomplicated" the perception of
> non-programmers can be, so they do need a lot of protection.
> For such unwary users, a lot of checks must be included in programs
> intended for broad audiences. E.g., it is not by coincidence that
> Windows (intended for a Very Very broad audience) is so huge and big -
> it is stuffed with all kinds of checks (and it is still too little).
> I'm busy updating the Octave-Windows web page, hope to upload it tonight
> or so. I already downloaded your new package some days ago; as I won't
> risk Cygwin on my Win2000 box, I'm waiting for permission from my
> girlfriend to install it on her (Dutch) Windows-ME box ;-)
> Best wishes and adiós,
> (BTW you've done a good job! Thanks!)
> Philip Nienhuis

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