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Cygwin setup

From: Tune Kamae
Subject: Cygwin setup
Date: Wed, 11 Sep 2002 02:08:34 -0500

Dear Octave Helpdesk

I downloaded windows binary exe and installed into my Win2k.
I found out that the setup I had for Cygwin has been changed:
home directory, bashrc and profile?, etc.   I can not restore
the old setup I had, ie. 
1) in Cygwin, /usr, /etc, /tmp and /home are not recognized
    as such and have to give paths relative to cygwindrive.
2) the profile in /etc is not read in,
3) .bashrc in /home/myname is not read in.

I uninstalled Octave but these changes are not restored
to the original.

Do you know how I can adjust these?  I have only a year
of experience with Cygwin but know a little about linux.

Tune Kamae
Stanford Linear Accelerator Center

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