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Thanks for the Help

From: abarto
Subject: Thanks for the Help
Date: Sat, 24 Aug 2002 18:19:33 -0300

I need to say thanks to all the people that gave me advices and answered all 
my questions. In the future I'll be tuning my package according to the needs 
of the students so this might get in the way of the most advanced users that 
wants top performance and flexibility.

The package was intended to be used in teaching Octave and not so much on 
using Octave. My advice to the students who wants to use Octave in a more 
professional way is to install Linux and build their own version. Sadly, most 
them choose Matlab (and almost none of them buy it).

Anyway, this has been educating and fun. Thanks again.

Agustin Barto

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