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Re: More on Octave 2.1.36 for Windows

From: LUK ShunTim
Subject: Re: More on Octave 2.1.36 for Windows
Date: Fri, 23 Aug 2002 11:25:12 +0800
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Agustin Barto wrote:
I've been collecting the your responses to my "cry for help". The most common requests were:

1) To be able to choose the installation directory.
2) To change the icon.
3) Keep an eye con some problems with gnuplot for win32.

This is what I am right now:

1) Nsis can handle the selection of the directory and the modiciation of the registry according to the user request. Cygwin has no problem with spaces on the directory's name (in my case: "C:\Program Files\GNU Octave 2.1.36\" and "C:\Archivos de Programa\GNU Octave 2.1.36"). The problem is that Octave thinks that there are escape characters on that string so I can't use nsis to generate the correct octaverc. My options are * Make a program to translate the paths and generate all the directory dependant files. (Peace of cake. I can do this in a couple of minutes and call it from within the nsis installer). * To use another installer generator. It'll have to be able to translate the \s to /s.

Thanks for the work. I tested the installation on a W2K SP3 with no problems. Just a few plots, though.

Perhaps it should be stated somewhere that it's for machines *without* a working cygwin installation as the installer overwrites the cygwin keys in the registry. Or perhaps people can choose to install into an existing cygwin installation.

Good day,

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