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update on ode solvers

From: Marc Compere
Subject: update on ode solvers
Date: Sun, 4 Aug 2002 17:32:23 -0500

Octave users,

I have maintained some ODE solvers at and for several years.  There has been a steady stream of traffic at this site.  Unfortunately, this machine is no longer available.

Some versions of the solvers can also be found at:, under Calculus | Ordinary Differential Equations.

These versions work well, however, these are not the latest and greatest versions.  The main difference between the versions on Sourceforce and the new is the addition of the Dormand-Prince integration pair in ode45.m.  The Dormand-Prince pair is what Matlab uses by default in it's ode45.

I am sending the latest ODE solver versions to octave-sources.  Hopefully the new versions will find their way onto sourceforge as well.

Any comments or questions are welcomed at address@hidden.

Best regards,

 Marc Compere, Ph.D., The University of Texas at Austin
 address@hidden, (512) 826-0729,   <><

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