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Re: Windows network installation

From: Tom Weichmann
Subject: Re: Windows network installation
Date: Thu, 25 Jul 2002 11:16:53 -0400
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What you are calling "The Octave Window" is a program called RXVT - thus the 
commandling starting with rxvt....

the -e octave tells rxvt to execute octave, but I am guessing since you are 
having path problems that it can not find the octave binary, and thus closes.

The reason for your path problems is because you changed your root directory 
w/o modifying your $PATH.  This is really going to screw everything up.  Here 
is the problem. Befor you had changed root you had the following:

C:\gnu\octave == /
C:\gnu\octave\bin == /bin
C:\gnu\octave\usr == /usr
C:\gnu\octave\etc == /etc
C:\gnu\octave\tmp == /tmp
and so on

Now you have the following
C:\ == /
C:\gnu\octave\bin == /gnu/octave/bin
C:\gnu\octave\usr == /gnu/octave/usr
C:\gnu\octave\etc == /gnu/octave/etc
C:\gnu\octave\tmp == /gnu/octave/tmp

If I remember right your $PATH looks something like 


>> This is because of the command
>> "\bin\bash" --login start
>> in the octave.bat file. Windows XP doesn't understand
>> \bin\bash
>> but does understand
>> bin\bash

This does not have anything to do w/ XP, it is because not 

/bin/bash == C:\bin\bash, which does not exist, but if you are already in 
C:\gnu\octave bin/bash == ./bin/bash == C:\gnu\octave\bin\bash whis of course 
does exist.

The same goes for 'start' and 'rxvt' as well it is looking for C:\bin\start 
and C:\bin\rxvt\.

There is a bunch of way that you could go about fixing this - many of which 
are very complicated, and will probably be a waste of time.  I suggest 
returning you root directory to C:\gun\octave, and using Andy's advise to 
change to other directories.

if C:\gnu\octave == /

you can still type cd c:/ to goto c:\


cd c:/windows to goto c:\windows and so on...

you can even use cd d:\my\dir to goto d:/my/dir

then cd / to goto back to c:\gnu\octave

It is just so much easier that way.

hope that helped,

Tom Weichmann

> Strange!?
> So finally I tried the (long) command in the start file from the bin
> directroy:
> rxvt -fn "Courier New-14" -tn linux -title "GNU Octave 2.1.31" -n "GNU
> Octave" +sr -sl 1000 -e octave
> Then something happens! I think the octave window opens and then closes in
> less than 1/10 second.
> What happened?
> regards,
> Mark Veraar

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