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Re: Octave+gnuplot on W2K: was [Re: Octave on XP]

From: LUK ShunTim
Subject: Re: Octave+gnuplot on W2K: was [Re: Octave on XP]
Date: Sun, 07 Jul 2002 15:07:34 +0800
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Andy Adler wrote:


2) I can't find the sources for pipe-gnuplot anywhere.

It's here.

The link to the source from Philip Nienhuis's octave-win FAQ requires authentication.


As it is, I'll probably move back to pipe-gnuplot for my next
octave cygwin build. (I'll also try to get it onto the cygwin
mirror sites to make it even easier to install)

Yes. I had wanted to suggest that but I don't know what's required to get it into the cygwin distribution. Cygwin installation is now very easy.

Also, if anyone was windows specific feature requests, then send them to me. (I just might implement something). Right now I'm
adding some octave interfaces to Win32 gui functions like
MessageBox etc. These will be in octave-forge/extra/Windows

Thanks for your great work.

My personal wish is to get more matlab compatibility in the graphics commands so as to be able to use various toolboxes developed originally for matlab in octave. As I'm no (good) programmer, I just wait.

Good day,

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