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Gnuplot on Mac Os X

From: Christian Meisenbichler
Subject: Gnuplot on Mac Os X
Date: Sat, 29 Jun 2002 13:41:47 +0200

I try to use the gnuplot for mac to plot the graphics in octave. But it doesnot work like I want it to. There exists a command line interface for the mac version of gnuplot, called "pgnuplot". when I simply make an alias called "gnuplot" pointing to this tool, Octave is able to send scripts to gnuplot, but gnuplot can not find the data files in /var/temp. I think that the files exist not long enough in order that they can be read by gnuplot so i get:

gnuplot> pl "/var/tmp/oct-001496" t "line 1" w lines 1
         can't read data file "/var/tmp/oct-001496"
         "gnuplot_tempi01415", line 8: (No such file or directory)

Has anybody some closer information on how the communication between Octave and Gnuplot works, or have you already solved this problem?
Thank you for any information.

zt.:                                       *don't panic*

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