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Integer Calculation

From: w . gertzen
Subject: Integer Calculation
Date: Wed, 26 Jun 2002 10:09:40 -0500

Hi !

I try to use Octave to simulate a velocity controller.
This controller software normaly runs on a 68040 based 
The controller made use of 16Bit and 32Bit values
wich can be signed or unsigned.

So when I try to simulate the velocity controller
I have the problem that Octave can't handle 16/32Bit Integer

Examples (what I need):
2/3 = 0
4/3 = 1 
0xffff + 1 = 0 ! (16Bit Value)
0x0000ffff + 1 = 0x00010000 ! (32Bit Value)

So for some variables I didn't want to use a float value !!

Or is it impossible because every variable inside octave is a flot
value ?



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