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datestr bug in octaveforge

From: E. Joshua Rigler
Subject: datestr bug in octaveforge
Date: 20 Jun 2002 09:03:47 -0600

Sorry, I'm not sure where to report bugs in octaveforge functions, so
I'll cross-post...

There seems to be a simple, but recent, bug in the datestr.m (or
datevec.m) function.  The datestr.m function parses output from
datevec.m, and seems to expect the output to be a column vector, when,
in the most recent version of octaveforge (2002.04.20, with 2.1.35
base), datevec.m gives its output as a row vector.

One offending line in the datestr.m file is line 69:

  elseif (all(V(4:6,:)==0))

where V is the output from datevec.m.  I'll leave it to the octaveforge
maintainers to determine whether datevec or datestr needs to be fixed.


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