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Re: more infor on tk_octave link?

From: Roberto Hernandez
Subject: Re: more infor on tk_octave link?
Date: Tue, 18 Jun 2002 13:26:12 -0300
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scwest2001 wrote:

I ran across the following link, but I can find no further information
on this.  Anyone know how I can get this software to evaluate?  I left
an email message at the general contact address for, but I've
received no reply.

It looks great (esp. since I already use tcl/tk).

I've been getting my complex math done in Tk by making a
bi-directional pipe to an octave script.  This works pretty well, but
it would be nice to get Tk and Octave a bit more intimate :)

There are several versions of Tk_octave out there.

a. The original one was written by Joao Cardoso, you can check it out at The latest version is 0.3.0 and it works quite well.

b. Some time before Cardoso's Tk_octave 0.3.0 was released, John Cowgill and Przemek Klosowski modified the original version in order to work with threads. That resulted in the link you visited. I'm not sure whether this version is currently available for download or being developed anymore. AFAIK it has evolved into version (c).

c. Finally, Paul Kienzle released another version of Tk_octave, which is similar to (in that it uses threads), but not backwards compatible with Cowgill and Klosowski's version. This version is included in Octave-Forge ( and was released at around the same time as Cardoso's Tk_octave 0.3.0

Version (a) does not use threads, so you can't access Octave variables from Tcl directly and vice-versa. However, it can be done through send-receive commands. This version allows you to use PLplot, which IMHO is more powerful than gnuplot. All that is required to get it running is compiling a dynamically loaded function (DLD).

OTOH, versions (b) and (c) do work with threads. They include support for BLT and VTK, but not PLplot (though you could add it yourself if you needed to). Installing either of these versions requires recompiling Octave with pthreads support. Version (b) is compiled into one of the Octave libraries while version (c) is compiled as a DLD.

I don't know much about versions (b) and (c) since I haven't used them extensively. There has been some discussion in the Octave-graphics mailing list about using these versions since Octave isn't thread safe. You can read more about it if you search for "new version of TK octave" in the graphics mailing list.

I hope that's enough information to get you started.

-- Roberto Hernández

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