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use of interp1

From: Pruitt Dave W Contr AEDC/SVT
Subject: use of interp1
Date: Mon, 10 Jun 2002 14:39:12 -0000

I downloaded interp1 from the sourceforge site - but am unable to use it as
a user-defined function.  For example, for the simple test code:

    yf = sin(2*pi*xf/5);
    yp = sin(2*pi*xp/5);

I get the warning:

warning: function 'interp1' defined within script file '/Cadet/interp1.m'
error: can't perform indexing operations for <unknown type> type
error: evaluating assignment expression near line 6, column 8
error: near line 6 of file '/Cadet/test.m'

Code execution stops with this warning.

I am running Octave 2.1.13 (i586-pc-cygwin)  under WIN98SE.

Any help interpreting this would be very much appreciated.

David W. Pruitt, PhD
Sverdrup Technology, Inc.
939 Avenue C
Arnold AFB, TN  37389-9900
931-454-3130 (DSN 340-)
931-454-4611 FAX

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