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Re: tk_octave xauth and examples

From: jfl
Subject: Re: tk_octave xauth and examples
Date: Thu, 30 May 2002 17:02:52 -0700 (PDT)

I kept looking and eventually answered my questions.

As I said, X;server and others didn't show anything.

A search on X;authorization did turn up relavent
info from 2001 concerning PLplot.  It gives me a
staring point, didn't mean to bother you all with
old questions.

I did get the sombrero_control.m file to work by
changing path since the demos weren't in the LOADPATH

#resp=tk_cmd(intp, sprintf("source %s", \
#       file_in_path (LOADPATH,"sombrero.tcl")),1);
resp=tk_cmd(intp, "source ./sombrero.tcl",1)

Now I see that the Tkme_sombrero.m and Tkme_widgets.m
were not meant as working examples.  I didn't think 
they were working since all those warning empty matrices
from shift.m, configure.m and pack.m print to the screen.

I was going to try to put isempty checks around them and
if so, send nothing between the brackets for a cleaner

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