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Time/date and gplot

From: Pruitt Dave W Contr AEDC/SVT
Subject: Time/date and gplot
Date: Tue, 28 May 2002 12:44:59 -0000

I've gotten stuck trying to use dates for the x-axis in gplot.  I have day,
month, and year stored as integers in vectors.  However, when I combine
these vectors and the (real) data into a matrix for plotting, all the
numbers become real.  The data appear as follows (day month year data):

1.0000 5.0000 1995.0000 0.5432

I think this is a problem for gplot.

Note that I set timefmt "%d %m %Y" and set xdata time.  Also, I'm not sure
what the proper 'using' statement would be.  I tried

gplot plotdata using 1:2:3:4   and

gplot plotdata using 1:4

Gplot reports that I must use a complete 'using' statement in both cases.

Your help would be appreciated.

David W. Pruitt, PhD
Sverdrup Technology, Inc.
939 Avenue C
Arnold AFB, TN  37389-9900
931-454-3130 (DSN 340-)
931-454-4611 FAX

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