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Re: Passing values

From: John W. Eaton
Subject: Re: Passing values
Date: Mon, 13 May 2002 15:52:12 -0500

On 12-May-2002, Mike Miller <address@hidden> wrote:

| In my simple example using argv, the script could be written like this:
| #!/usr/local/bin/octave -q
| format(argv(1,1:max(find(toascii(argv(1,:))!=32))))
| x = str2num(argv(2,:));
| disp(x^2)

With Octave 2.1.x, argv is a list of strings.  Since the items in a
list don't all have to have the same length (or even the same type)
the elements of argv don't need to be padded with blanks, so you can

  #! /usr/local/bin/octave -qf

  format (nth (argv, 1));
  x = str2num (nth (argv, 2));
  disp (x^2);

The type of argv may change again from list to cell array, so then you
would be able to write

  #! /usr/local/bin/octave -qf

  format (argv{1});
  x = str2num (argv{2});
  disp (x^2);

If this does happen, the nth function will probably be extended to
work for both cells and lists, so your code would not have to change


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