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RE: Compiling .oct Programs in Windows

From: Philip Nienhuis
Subject: RE: Compiling .oct Programs in Windows
Date: Fri, 10 May 2002 09:18:32 -0500

"Chuck Conner" <address@hidden> wrote:
> How does one create .oct files in Windows (or compile existing .cc =
> programs to .oct files)?  The procedure for creating .oct files in Linux =
> is well-documented (using mkoctfile).  

AFAIK one can't. Problem seems to be an incompatibility between Windows
style shared libs and Cygwin style shared libs. See
for some clues.

>                                       Can you compile these programs =
> using Microsoft Visual C++?  Is the procedure similar to that of Linux =
> (using a makefile)?  Are the include files the same?  [There was no =
> oct.h in the Windows distribution (in my version); there was only a =
> config.h.]

Wouldn't know, but I suspect it is nearly, if not fully, impossible.
Probably your only way out is to statically link stuff; see
(under "BUILD INSTRUCTIONS") for some ideas.

I've recently updated the Octave-Windows Help & FAQ and - as many people
are waiting for .oct files under Windows/Cygwin - I included a section
on .oct files there (but not much to help you out, the message is the
same as above). See:

Philip Nienhuis

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