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C++ dynamically linked functions

From: Kiran Kumar Sagi
Subject: C++ dynamically linked functions
Date: Wed, 10 Apr 2002 14:05:26 -0400 (EDT)


 I am trying to call a C function from the
 to get started with using C libraries in octave.

 first i tried,
  mkoctfile myfunc.c
  copied the oregonator.oct file into octave bin directory.
  on using it, it breaks saying myfunc: reference symbol not found.

 next i tried creating static library from myfunc.o and tried
  mkoctfile -lmyf
  it still doesnt solve the probelm.

 could you please let me know what i am missing here?

 The below is the sample file.


#include <oct.h>

int myfunc();

DEFUN_DLD (oregonator, args, ,
  "The `oregonator'.\n\
  Oscillations in chemical systems.  IV.  Limit cycle behavior in a\n\
  model of a real chemical reaction. Richard J. Field and Richard\n\
  M. Noyes, The Journal of Chemical Physics, Volume 60 Number 5,\n\
  March 1974.")
  int i;
  ColumnVector dx (3);

  ColumnVector x = args(0).vector_value ();

  dx(0) = 77.27 * (x(1) - x(0)*x(1) + x(0) - 8.375e-06*pow (x(0), 2));
  dx(1) = (x(2) - x(0)*x(1) - x(1)) / 77.27;
  dx(2) = 0.161*(x(0) - x(2));
  i = myfunc();
  printf("i %d\n",i);
  return octave_value (dx);

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