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gset label "hi" at 1992, pos

From: Alan Robert Clark
Subject: gset label "hi" at 1992, pos
Date: Fri, 5 Apr 2002 19:45:46 +0200 (SAST)

Hi All

I need to set some text at a particular position on a plot. I can do it
Gnuplot, but NOT via the octave interface to gnuplot (gset).

In octave, 

avg = sum(SeasonTotals)/length(SeasonTotals)
gset label "Avg" at 1992 , avg

causes gnuplot to (correctly) complain that avg is not defined (in the
gnuplot workspace)

eval etc also gets passed as is, and hence suffers the same way.

Any way of passing a variable to the gnuplot workspace?

Naturally, coding the above fragment in gnuplot proper works, but my
data is in octave!

Any help appreciated

Alan Robert Clark, Pr Eng     Computational Electromagnetics
Dept Elec Eng                         Wits University
Wits; Gauteng              ``Bugs are later known as features''
2050 South Africa                 Ps 111:10; Ps 37/150
Fax (+27 11)403-1929       address@hidden(Pref)
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