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RE: startup probem

From: Donald L. Kunz
Subject: RE: startup probem
Date: Fri, 30 Nov 2001 09:44:00 -0500

I have recently observed the same problem under Cygwin 1.3.x with both
2.1.31 (from Tom Weichmann's binary distribution) and 2.1.33 (compiled and
installed under Cygwin).  Furthermore, Octave does not seem to automatically
reload function files if the time stamp has been updated.  Saving files
using Unix coding (newline instead of the DOS cr/lf) does fix the problem.
I use NT Emacs to create and edit my Octave files, and there are two methods
that one can use to make sure that the files are saved with Unix coding.
First, use the command that converts the file, then save it.  Alternatively,
specify your Octave directory tree as an untranslated file system.  The
Emacs documentation explains it all.


>I get the same problem. I'm using Octave Windows. I think it might be
>to do with the way windows adds cr/lf combinations, which Octave bawks
>For instance, the same error appears if I simply open up an original
>Octave m-file and resave it using DOS line endings.
>Are there any solutions, apart from using a special text editor?
>Original message from: "Chikkam Rama  Kishore"
>>Hey !
>> the first time i run my program :
>>   foo("abc","xyz",10);
>>i get a message :
>>  error : can't perform indexing operation for <unknown type> type
>>I just repeat the command, and it runs fine !!!!
>>I have started using octave just now, and could not find any help
>>startup problems like this one. any help ?
>>- Kishore

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