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Re: startup problem.

From: Edward Chan
Subject: Re: startup problem.
Date: Sun, 25 Nov 2001 20:35:47 +1000

I get the same problem. I'm using Octave Windows. I think it might be
to do with the way windows adds cr/lf combinations, which Octave bawks

For instance, the same error appears if I simply open up an original
Octave m-file and resave it using DOS line endings.

Are there any solutions, apart from using a special text editor?


Original message from: "Chikkam Rama  Kishore"
>Hey !
> the first time i run my program :
>   foo("abc","xyz",10);
>i get a message :
>  error : can't perform indexing operation for <unknown type> type
>I just repeat the command, and it runs fine !!!!
>I have started using octave just now, and could not find any help
>startup problems like this one. any help ?
>- Kishore

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