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Re: choice of external program

From: Avraham Rosenberg
Subject: Re: choice of external program
Date: Mon, 19 Nov 2001 09:21:25 +0200

Dear Professor Eaton,
Thanks for your suggestion. Contributing whenever one can gives one a better 
feeling than being always at the receiving end.
Now, telling image.m which viewer to use means adding a new piece of 
information. The obvious way to do it is by increasing its number of arguments. 
That's easy enough, even for a beginner like me. But after doing and testing it 
I begun having second thoughts: The problem is that image is only rarely 
invoked directly. Unless a way is devised to transmit this additional piece of 
information through the calling functions, my improvement would be of very 
little use. I did it for the obvious case of imagesc.m . But before I send my 
contribution I would like to obtain, through the help of the list a more or 
less exhaustive list of funcions through which image is ususlly called, or an 
alternative, less ovious way to handle the problem.
Sicerely yours, Avraham

>>> "John W. Eaton" <address@hidden> 11/09/01 06:51 AM >>>
On  1-Nov-2001, Avraham Rosenberg <address@hidden> wrote:

| Hi,
| I happened to install octave on a system that lacked
| xloadimage. Later on, when I had to display an image, instead of
| balking, octave used xv which was present in the system. It was, of
| course slower, but very handy, in that particular case, as I needed
| to know the coordinates of various features on the images. 
| Question: where resides the information about the external program
| to be used ? Can one choose it everytime one uses octave or one hase
| to have customized copies of the executable one to use with
| xloadimage and the other with xv ? 
| Similar question about gnuplot: pgplot can be sometimes handier. 
| I am using linux: Slackware 7.0 at home and RedHat 6.1 atwork. For
| the moment both systems display images  with xv. The RedHat system
| worked initially with xloadimage, but as I needed the features of
| xv, I renamed xloadimage so that ./configure won't find it,
| installed xv and then reinstalled octave. Quite a job. I would
| certainly prefer an easier way, if possible. Thankfully  yours,

The choice of what image viewer to use is not determined by
configure.  It is coded into the image function defined in image.m.
Edit that file to do whatever you prefer, or better, fix it so that it
is easy for people to choose different image viewers at run time and
then contribute the changes back to the Octave project.



Octave is freely available under the terms of the GNU GPL.

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Octave is freely available under the terms of the GNU GPL.

Octave's home on the web:
How to fund new projects:
Subscription information:

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