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Re: Octave, PLplot, matwrap ...

From: Roberto Hernandez
Subject: Re: Octave, PLplot, matwrap ...
Date: Sat, 17 Nov 2001 23:16:19 -0300
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(Ted Harding) wrote:

Thanks to people who responded to my query
about picking coordinates off a plot.

I thought I'd follow up Jose's suggestion
of plpot, since according to the SourceForge
site this is now bit well advanced and also
has the octave interface included as part of
the plpot distribution.

When you untar the source file for PLplot check in the directory "bindings/octave" where you'll find all the instructions to enable the octave bindings.

PLplot is great. It's a lot faster than GNUPlot and has a few added features.

However, trying to compile fails for me because
'configure' can't find "matwrap" and so disables
compilation of the octave interface.
Please, someone, what is "matwrap" and where can
it be found?

You can find a description on what it is in the home page (all of this in in the bindings/octave directory):

You won't really need to know anything about it, though, as long as the install script can find it...


Octave is freely available under the terms of the GNU GPL.

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