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Re: copy and paste in windows?

From: Edward Chan
Subject: Re: copy and paste in windows?
Date: Sun, 11 Nov 2001 19:13:29 +1000

You can copy by dragging the mouse over the window.
You can paste by using ctrl-ins. (ctrl-v does not work for pasting).

There's some info somewhere about being able to mount other
directories on top of /home/octave or / i think. Look for threads
concerning mounting directories.

--- Steve wrote:
It seems this would be in a faq somewhere, so I appologize if I missed
Is it possible to copy/paste in octave within Windows?
It can be done in the Cygwin bash shell console.

And since I am here...
Do most people just build their programs in subdirs of /home/octave?

Thanks in advance,

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