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Re: How to solve this....Please

From: Santanu Chatterjee
Subject: Re: How to solve this....Please
Date: Sat, 10 Nov 2001 17:42:08 +0530

At last somebody in this list replied to my query.

> The section 20 of the Octave docs alluded to earlier document
> functions that solve certain forms of ODEs. I'll be very 
> surprised if Octave - or for that matter Matlab/Mathematica/Maple
> - has functions that solve PDEs in a similar fashion.

Yes, I saw that section, but found nothing worthwhile.
I then concluded that solving PDEs in Octave would have to be
done in a roundabout way.
I just needed to confirm this from this list.
So, thanks for the info. 

I think I would have to resort to discrete methods 
(like forming difference equations) for solving
this one.

Santanu Chatterjee.

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