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external programs-thanks and feedback

From: Avraham Rosenberg
Subject: external programs-thanks and feedback
Date: Sat, 03 Nov 2001 15:33:02 +0200

Thanks a lot to  Teemu Ikonen and to Paul Kienzle for their messages. The 
information is indeed in the file image.m. In my case it says:
# Start the viewer. Try  xv, then xloadimage.

xv = sprintf ("xv -expand %f %s", zoom, ppp_name);

xloadimage = sprintf ("xloadimage -=zoom %f  %s", zoom*100, ppm_name);
 If I understand correctly, the set of commands given by P. Kienzle are meant 
to make the change from within octave, while T. Ikonen meant to make hte change 
before starting octave.

I tried to change the order of the above mentioned lines, so that the 
xloadimage is invoked before xv, but octave still uses xv. Apparently I missed 

let me add two pieces of information:
1- I am using  octave 2.0.16
2-Changing temporarily the name of xv -that is concealing it from octave- 
results in the use of xloadimage. So that, thanks to you I do have a practical, 
though very inelegant, way out.

Special thanks to Paul Kienzle for mentionning epstk . I'll try it.
Cheers, Avraham

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