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Re: Reading netcdf files

From: Mark Esplin
Subject: Re: Reading netcdf files
Date: Thu, 1 Nov 2001 17:02:09 -0500

        Doesn't the mex interface compile from  "c/c++" source to an octave 
file?  I have been unable to find the source for mexcdf53 on the web.  The 
closest that I could find was the file mexcdf53_install.p that was supposed 
to contain the source, but it is in MathCad p-code format.  Is the mexcdf 
interface proprietary? 


                              Mark Esplin  

> > Pardon me if this has already been mentioned (I seem to be entering the
> > discussion late), but have you tried getting the Matlab NetCDF tools to
> > work with octave?  You can get them at
> >
> >
> > I remember installing them for matlab, but I never tried using them with
> > octave.
> >
> > We have one professor here in my department who is a big believer in both
> > Octave and NetCDF.  I forwarded this issue to him to see if he might have
> > any suggestions.
> >
> > Good luck.
> >
> > -------------------------------------------------------------------------
> >- Stephen W. Juranich                            
> > address@hidden Electrical Engineering            
> > University of Washington         
> >
> I was able to compile the mexcdf53 routine with my mex interface.  In the
> process I had to fix a couple of install bugs so grab the new version of
> octave-forge I'm putting out later today.  I haven't tested anything.
> I'm attaching my modified Makefile.  I did not have to touch the C code.
> I installed netcdf to /home/pkienzle/netcdf.
> You will need to replace vararg handling with Octave's variable argument
> handling in the m-files.
> Paul Kienzle
> address@hidden

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