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choice of external program

From: Avraham Rosenberg
Subject: choice of external program
Date: Thu, 01 Nov 2001 13:38:07 +0200

I happened to install octave on a system that lacked xloadimage. Later on, when 
I had to display an image, instead of balking, octave used xv which was present 
in the system. It was, of course slower, but very handy, in that particular 
case, as I needed to know the coordinates of various features on the images.
Question: where resides the information about the external program to be used ? 
Can one choose it everytime one uses octave or one hase to have customized 
copies of the executable one to use with xloadimage and the other with xv ?
Similar question about gnuplot: pgplot can be sometimes handier.
I am using linux: Slackware 7.0 at home and RedHat 6.1 at work. For the moment 
both systems display images  with xv. The RedHat system worked initially with 
xloadimage, but as I needed the features of xv, I renamed xloadimage so that 
./configure won't find it, installed xv and then reinstalled octave. Quite a 
job. I would certainly prefer an easier way, if possible. Thankfully  yours, 

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