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Re: linking fortran subs

From: Phil Cummins
Subject: Re: linking fortran subs
Date: Mon, 28 May 2001 14:59:16 +0900

Thanks to everyone who offered advice on what to do about
my fortran linking problem. I took Dirk's advice and just
tried to make a stand-alone C++ program that called the 
fortran routines, and this helped me work out the problem.

As several people pointed out, I needed to link with the 
fortran run time library, which on my Redhat Linux system, 
gcc version 2.95.2, is libg2c.a (I think the g77 lib was 
changed from f2c to g2c at some point).

But I still didn't get anywhere, because I was foolish 
enough to specify the g2c library *before* my fortan lib:

mkoctfile -v -lg2c -L. -ltau 
                                  ( ^ this is my fortran lib)

which had no effect. Finally, I realized I needed to specify
the g2c library *after* my fortran lib:

mkoctfile -v -L. -ltau -lg2c

I feel a little silly for having wasted so much time (even
recompiled octave to make sure it used same g77!). But now it 
works. Thanks everyone.
Phil R Cummins                              address@hidden
Frontier Research for Subduction Dynamics  tel(i/d):81/0-468-67-3393
JAMSTEC, 2-15 Natsushima-cho               fax(i/d):81/0-468-67-3409
Yokosuka 237-0061, Japan              

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