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Toolbox installation...

From: Bouisson Emmanuel
Subject: Toolbox installation...
Date: Fri, 11 May 2001 08:36:45 +0200

Good morning,

I am trying to install a Toolbox on the 2.1.33 Octave version for Windows. 

I modified my /usr/local/share/octave/<version>/m/startup/octaverc file with 
the following lines :
HOME=getenv('HOME') ;
LOADPATH=[HOME,'/matcompat// :',LOADPATH] ;
EXEC_PATH=[HOME,'/matcompat// :',LOADPATH] ;

The Toolbox is the matcompat Toolbow, which is installed into the following 
path : C:/Gnu/Octave/home/octave/matcompat.

After running Octave, i called a help for the 'xcorr.m' file, which is a part 
of the directory Signal, like help xcorr (like Matlab help). 
The answer is that the xcorr is not documented, i concluded that the octaverc 
did not work properly.

Where is the mistake, thanks for your help.


Emmanuel Bouisson
CNES - Toulouse Space Centre
Signal Processing Department
Phone : 05-61-28-25-02 ++ Fax : 05-61-28-26-13
18, Avenue Edouard Belin
31401 Toulouse Cedex 4

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