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to: Paul Kienzle - performance comparison info. req.

From: Marc Compere
Subject: to: Paul Kienzle - performance comparison info. req.
Date: Thu, 10 May 2001 12:13:41 -0500


        On pages 6 & 7 of
Dr. Eaton referenced you as the one who did some performance comparisons on 
octave's interpreted environment versus several other (compiled) environments.

        Would it be possible for you to make (any of) those programs available? 
Actually, I'm most interested in the Octave/Matrix entry.  It seems the 
closest to native octave & is the fastest implementation.  I'd like to learn 
more about the fastest way to use compiled octave.

        Ultimately, I'm considering undertaking a project to create something 
Matlab's compiler.  I really want a freeware m2c converter (or m2f or m2c++) 
to take full advantave of the interpreted development environment and with 
minimal effort (i.e. a single translation from m-files to C++) get compiled 
execution speed. To date, I have not seen an m2c converter. Do you have any 
more advice or comments?

Thanks for your help,

 Marc Compere, The University of Texas at Austin
 address@hidden, (512) 826-0729,   <><

Octave is freely available under the terms of the GNU GPL.

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