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Can Atlas be dangerous in octave?

From: Stef Pillaert
Subject: Can Atlas be dangerous in octave?
Date: Wed, 2 May 2001 22:17:08 +0200

Hello list,
just recently I saw the following in the atlas errate file:
Row-major LU solve is incorrect :The LU solve is incorrect for Order = 
CblasRowMajor. This means that when called with CblasRowMajor, both 
clapack_?getrs and clapack_?gesv will produce the wrong answer. For now, 
don't use these routines with CblasRowMajor. It will be a while before we can 
issue a fix, due to time pressures.
My (obvious) question: I built octave against a (shared) blas lib and a 
(shared) lapack lib where a few functions provided by atlas are included. Is 
there a danger? Also, I have a few .oct files, that I build with makeoctfile 
against the following (shared) libs: " -llapack -lcblas -lf77blas -latlas "
In some of those .oct functions, I call the following functions : dgesvx & 

Can anyone a bit more familiar with blas-lapack advise me on this? Is it 
necesaary to return to the standard blas&lapack?

Stef Pillaert
Brusselse steenweg 
B9090 Melle (Belgium-Europe)

Phone: (00) 32 / (0) 9 / 252 20 51
E-mail: address@hidden

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