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Re: is_scalar conflicts with isstring

From: SZABO Sandor
Subject: Re: is_scalar conflicts with isstring
Date: Fri, 09 Mar 2001 16:22:58 +0100

"John W. Eaton" wrote:

> On  6-Mar-2001, SZABO Sandor <address@hidden> wrote:
> | I see. So my question is:
> | Does exist a function, say, is_number
> | for which
> | is_number(s)
> |  Return 1 if  s  is a number (real or complex, in any format)?
> Try isnumeric.
> jwe


I tried it.

>> letter="a"
letter = a
>> isnumeric(letter)
ans = 1
>> isnumeric(5+i)
ans = 1
>> isnumeric("a")
ans = 1

I use 2.0.16.
Sorry for me, but I would like to separate the input if it is a number
or not.
Before doing any calculation.
Probably I  misunderstand something.
Thanks for yours patients.

           Sandor Szabo

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