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Re: Solaris Compile: Getting Closers

From: Andrew Bainbridge-Smith
Subject: Re: Solaris Compile: Getting Closers
Date: Mon, 22 Jan 2001 08:57:12 +1100


Gerard and I managed to get octave 2.1.33 compiled on solaris here last week.  
We have noticed 2 particular problems.

1) On solaris 5 we had problems with the configure finding symbols 
gethostname() and rgetusage() but which didn't seem to be available at link 
time.  This was fixed by hand editing config.h   I don't know why this error 
occurs but I strongly think we have some system configuration problem.  It 
does not occur for solaris 7

2) On solaris 5 and 7  Gerard reported his problem at final link time of the 
octave executable.  For the same op-systems (in fact the same machines) I did 
not have any problems at all (other than the one reported above).  Hence the 
problem must have been one of system setup.  Gerard changed his default 
startup scripts (which meant removing lot of programs --- particularly SUN 
compilers --- from his PATH settings) to match mine and compiled with no 
problems.  I cannot tell you exactly what system components appear to interact 
to cause this problem, all I can say is that I think you should be looking at 
pairing back your startup scripts to see if that helps.

We don't run solaris 6 here, but I think our experience reported above should 

Best wishes and good luck,
Dr Andrew Bainbridge-Smith
Senior Research Engineer 
Vision Technology Development Group
CSIRO Manufacturing Science and Technology

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