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.oct-files/ library-wrapper

From: Daniel Heiserer
Subject: .oct-files/ library-wrapper
Date: Fri, 19 Jan 2001 11:54:34 +0100

I have some questions according wrapping c/fortran
libraries into octave.
I have seen the example: (and some others)
  #include <octave/oct.h>

  DEFUN_DLD (oregonator, args, ,
    "The `oregonator'.")
    ColumnVector dx (3);

    ColumnVector x = args(0).vector_value ();

    dx(0) = 77.27 * (x(1) - x(0)*x(1) + x(0)
                     - 8.375e-06*pow (x(0), 2));

    dx(1) = (x(2) - x(0)*x(1) - x(1)) / 77.27;

    dx(2) = 0.161*(x(0) - x(2));

    return octave_value (dx);
obviously args is a list or something of the arguments
int nargin=args.length();
takes care of input parsing.
How do I know what kind of datatype is args(j)?
How do I define multiple output arguments is it the same
by just creating a list?
retval(1) = a;
retval(0) = b;

return retval;

Did anybody create a mechanism how to automatically 
wrap whole bunch of libraries into octave using
some script?

thanks daniel

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