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Octave for Mac and embedded processors

From: Mark A. Rubin
Subject: Octave for Mac and embedded processors
Date: Fri, 1 Dec 2000 11:26:27 -0600

I'm interested in Octave because I want to port algorithms coded in
Matlab, first  to a platform with a Mac processor running Linux, then to an
embedded real-time processor.  I have the Matlab Compiler, which generates
C code which in principle could be compiled and run with the gnu C/C++ compiler
under Linux; but the code which the Matlab compiler generates requires libraries
of binaries which aren't available for the Mac or the embedded system.
Three questions:
1) According to your web page, Octave can run either interactively or noninteractively.
When it's running nonintereactively, does it tend to run more like interpreted code
(e.g., as slowly as uncompiled Matlab) or more like compiled C (e.g., like
Matlab MEX files)?
2) Does the distribution for Octave consist exclusively of source code; i.e., code which
would be portable to any Unix/gnu C/C++ system?
3) When I transferred the downloaded .gz file for the stable version of Octave,
(from the FSF site as well as yours) Viruscan declared the file to be infected.
Subsequent re-scanning of the .gz file sitting on the disk said it was OK.
I assume the code itself is checked at your end, and the virus-alert was itself a bug,
but thought I should mention it (and await your reply before unzipping it!)
...Have others reported problems like this?
Mark A. Rubin, Ph.D.
Sensor Exploitation Group
MIT Lincoln Laboratory
244 Wood Street, S4-341
Lexington, MA 02420-9185
Phone: 781-981-5966
Fax: 781-981-4094


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