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Memory Allocation, Plotting

From: Thomas Viehmann
Subject: Memory Allocation, Plotting
Date: Sat, 25 Nov 2000 12:00:55 +0100


I'm using "debianized" Octave 2.1.31 and encountered two problems:
1. How can I change the labels "line x" in my plots?
2. I've tried a "diag(x)" with a 10000 item vector (yes, that
   was part of a somewhat awkward attempt to avoid for loops)
   which resulted in (of course) an out-of-memory error. So the
   that I derived are
   - for my concrete problem: Is there an elegant way of
     calculating diag(x)*y with x ŠÜin R^n, y ŠÜin R^{n*m}?
   - for the diag problem in a more general way: are there
     routines/plans to implement routines for sparse matrices?


P.S.: cc of answers to me would be appreciated
-- thomas viehmann, address@hidden

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