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RE: info on M$ ... w/ cyg-1.1.5

From: Carlos Puig
Subject: RE: info on M$ ... w/ cyg-1.1.5
Date: Wed, 22 Nov 2000 12:34:29 -0800 (PST)

On Wed, 22 Nov 2000, Tom Weichmann wrote:

> I am having another problem building Texinfo-4.0.  Here is the error
> that I get whle running make:
> gcc  -g -O2  -o ginfo  dir.o display.o dribble.o echo-area.o filesys.o
> footnotes
> .o gc.o indices.o info-utils.o info.o infodoc.o infomap.o m-x.o man.o
> nodemenu.o
>  nodes.o search.o session.o signals.o terminal.o tilde.o variables.o
> window.o do
> c.o ../lib/libtxi.a  -lncurses -ltermcap ../intl/libintl.a

> I did not get these errors before I upgraded the version of cygwin
> that I am using.  Any Ideas??

Hi Tom,

I am running the latest versions from the mirror as
of today. Before starting the texinfo make, I ran cygwin's setup.exe and
brought everything up to the current revs.  The cygwin package version
is 1.1.5-7.  (There is now a cygwin 1.1.6-1, but it hasn't made it to
the mirror site yet.)  OS is Win 98 SE.

I just redid the texinfo-4.0 make starting from scratch, with no changes
other than the -DWIN32 patch.  I saw no errors and the installed
binaries work fine.  So, I'm mystified why we're getting different

In my version of the ginfo Makefile, "-ltermcap" does not appear.
Otherwise, the library list matches yours.  For some reason, the
configure script is adding libtermcap under your environment, but not
mine.  You might try deleting "-ltermcap" from the Makefile to see if it
finishes without error.


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