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Struct saving

From: Gustavo Raush
Subject: Struct saving
Date: Fri, 3 Nov 2000 18:53:42 +0100

Hi guys.

Why the octave version 2.0.16 doesn't save structure variable in a file?. 

I'll explain the problem.
I have got the following structure :

octave:94>  T10CAsig01
T10CAsig01 =
  sigma =

    0.0203866  0.0188927  0.0170149  0.0158877  0.0179483  0.0089685

  mu =

    9.8440  9.8577  9.8667  9.8670  9.8836  9.9535
and I wont to save this in a file using the save command but there are errors

octave:94> save -binary "Data10C.mat"  T10CAsig01
error: save: wrong type argument `struct'
error: evaluating index expression near line 94, column 1

Anybody can help me?.




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