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.oct: load matrix from file

From: Andy Jacobson
Subject: .oct: load matrix from file
Date: Fri, 20 Oct 2000 16:01:37 +0200


        I am a rank beginner at the .oct game, and I am having a
        difficult time seeing the forest through the trees.  

        There is an operation I want to make on a sequence of n
        matrices, P1, P2, ....Pn, all stored in a single .mat file.  I
        would like to access these matrices from an .oct function, but
        I can't quite grok the philosophy behind the source.  I had
        hoped that the octave_value_list returned by an feval of
        "load" would give the set of matrices in the file, but this is
        not so; the returned list is empty (and the matrices are loaded
        into the interpreter environment).

        I have pored over the source but can find no hint of a .cc
        file doing such a thing.  Anybody have a pointer to
        enlightening examples?



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