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Re: Loading Pictures

From: Etienne Grossmann
Subject: Re: Loading Pictures
Date: Tue, 10 Oct 2000 15:10:20 +0100


#  go to
#  he has everything you need !

  Not everything, far from it, and you will need imagemagick (the
"convert" program) to be installed.

  Also,Šþetienne/octave/ works too : I
fixed the Apache configuration.

#  On 10 Oct, Thomas Halahan wrote:
#  > Hi,
#  > 
#  > I am trying to load pictures into the Octave image format.  There
#  > does not seem to be a facility to load images from another non-octave
#  > format such as jpeg, tiff bitmap whatever.  I have looked at
#  > ;loadimage' and 'load' but no results.  The actual original file type
#  > does not matter as I can always change that (in xv).  
#  > 
#  > Question> Does anyone know of a way of loading my images into Octave?
#  >  I don't really want to be doctoring large ascii files if possible.



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