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variable precision arithmetic

From: Janssen MFP (Maurice)
Subject: variable precision arithmetic
Date: Fri, 6 Oct 2000 10:28:41 +0200

At this moment my company is using Matlab under Windows NT in combination
with the Symbolic Math toolbox. We use it only for the vpa routines, because
we need more digits for solving a numerical problem. At home I have a trial
version of Matlab for Linux and this toolbox and I found out that Matlab
runs much better under Linux than under NT (regarding memory usage and total
running time).
I'd like to stay with Linux, but my company will not buy me a Linux-version
of Matlab. I was looking for a replacement and found Octave. It looks really
good, but wandering through the archives of the list, I couldn't find
anything about variable precision arithmetic, like the vpa routines in the
symbolic math toolbox. Is it possible to use more precision in Octave? Maybe
with Fortran libs or something like that? I have absolutely no experience
with Fortran, but I am willing to try :-)
Thanks in advance,
Maurice Janssen

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