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Re: help

From: Teemu Ikonen
Subject: Re: help
Date: Tue, 19 Sep 2000 14:48:55 +0300 (EET DST)

On Mon, 18 Sep 2000, Barbara Zubik-Kowal wrote:

> I found out that the pictures made in octave are in
> landscape not in portait. After putting my pictutes
> (the .ps files made by octave) to LaTeX file the
> pictures are rotated.

Actually I suffered from the same problem myself, so I fixed my print
function a bit. This one produces large color .eps-files. You can adjust
the settings easily yourself, just type
help set term postscript
in gnuplot to see what's available.

Here's the new function:

function print(filename)
#function print(filename)
# Prints a plot to a given eps-file filename

graw('set terminal postscript eps color blacktext "Helvetica" 35ŠÜn');
graw("set size 2,2ŠÜn")
output = sprintf("set output ŠÜ"%sŠÜ"ŠÜn", filename);
graw("set size 1,1ŠÜn");
graw("set output ŠÜ"/dev/nullŠÜ"ŠÜn");
graw("set terminal x11ŠÜn");


> What to do to have lines in dotted, dash-dotted and
> dashed in the pictures created by octave.
> In Matlab it was for example
> plot(a,b,':')                      dotted
> plot(a,b,'-.')                    dash-dotted
> plot(a,b,'--')                   dashed

Gnuplot has poor support for different line styles. I think the only
usable ones are line "-", dots ".", points "@" and linespoints "-@". You
can try to differentiate your plots by either using different point
symbols or different line widths, although the octave graphics API
doesn't support this directly.

> Another my problem is that octave puts automatically
> the legend :
> line 1 -----
> line 2 -----
> line 3 -----
> ect ...
> in the up-right corner of the picture.
> What to do not to have these things in pictures ?

You can set the legend when plotting by enclosing the wanted text between
';'s in the plot style. For example:

plot(x,sin(x), "o;sin;", x, cos(x), "*;cos;")

To turn the texts off, just put an empty string between ;'s, like this:

plot(x,y, "-;;")



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