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updated graphics/imgio/vrml toolboxes

From: Etienne Grossmann
Subject: updated graphics/imgio/vrml toolboxes
Date: Sun, 03 Sep 2000 16:08:40 +0100
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  just to say that I added a few functions to the above toolboxes :

smooth3              im = smooth3 (im)            - 3-mask smoothing
sobel                [gg,ix,iy] = sobel (im)      - 3-by-3 Sobel filtering
set_gray_range       im = set_gray_range (im, r1, r2) - Set the range of 
subwindows           sw = subwindows (im, coord, diam) - Extract subwindows of 
equal size
localmax             [i,v] = localmax (im, ...)  - local maximum of image

mat2ims        ims = mat2ims (im, rgb=0, maxval)
ims_set_rgb    im = ims_set_rgb (im, rgb)    - Set im.rgb and modify 
ims_pad        ims_pad ( im, border, col=0 ) - Pad an image with a given 

select_3D_points    sel2 = select_3D_points (x, sel1, deco) - select 3D points
vrml_browse         p = vrml_browse ([s])       - View vrml code s with FreeWRL
vrml_arrow          v = vrml_arrow (sz, col) - Arrow pointing in "y" direction
vrml_frame          v = vrml_frame (t, r, ... )
vrml_ellipsoid      v = vrml_ellipsoid (moment, col) - Ellipsoid 
vrml_select_points  s = vrml_select_points (x, state) - vrml code for selecting 
3D points

  The select_3D_points() and vrml_browse() functions require the vrml
browser freewrl ( 0.26 or CVS.

  Also, I will be away this week.


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