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FreeBSD linking bug

From: Nimrod Mesika
Subject: FreeBSD linking bug
Date: Fri, 01 Sep 2000 23:28:55 +0200
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A week or two ago I posted information about a problem with .oct
files and FreeBSD. jwe correctly identified the problem - turned out
global variables' constructors were not being executed when the
module was loaded.

Seems like the problem is in 'mkoctfile'. On my machine it has the
following lines:

: ${SH_LDFLAGS="-Bshareable"}

...and finally...

$SH_LD $SH_LDFLAGS -o $octfile $objfiles $ldflags

Replacing the above lines with:

: ${SH_LDFLAGS="-shared"}


$CC    $SH_LDFLAGS -o $octfile $objfiles $ldflags

Solves the problem. I'm not much of an expert in shared libraries so
I can't really tell why using $SH_LD does not work (probably
another option that the C compiler automatically passes to the


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